Food as healing is the ongoing study and practice of using food as a medium for healing by reclaiming ancestral based traditions, customs and rituals. Food As Healing is not a consulting agency. Food As Healing is a social movement to center the lived experiences of our collective ancestors and in particular those of the global majority. Our Earth and spirit based traditions, our creation stories, belief systems and cosmologies are critical parts of our identities, sense of belonging, health and wholeness. Decolonization and healing from internalized oppression are central to this movement. All people are welcome with respect to the aforementioned principles.


Co-Founder, Shane Bernardo

Community Organizer, Facilitator and Trainer

Shane Bernardo grew up working in his family's grocery store on the west side of Detroit, Michigan.  For over 13 years, Shane's family helped cultivate a nourishing environment for the South East Asian, West African and Afro-Caribbean cultures through culturally relevant foods, recipes, stories and traditions. Through these shared food staples and customs, Shane developed a heightened awareness of shared social, economic, political and historical conditions that his family had in common with others within a geographically, racially, ethnically and culturally stratified community.

Shane is also a long-life Detroit resident active within the grassroots food justice movement in Detroit.  He has been a facilitator for Uprooting Racism Planting Justice, outreach coordinator for Earthworks Urban Farm, a board member for the Michigan Farmers Market Association, and a founding member of Swimming in the Detroit River, an environmental justice storytelling collective. Shane has also been awarded fellowships with the Center for Whole Communities, Environmental Leadership Program, Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, the Detroit Equity Action Lab, and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Shane is an community organizer and facilitator that speaks and writes on food justice issues that lie at the intersections of food, health, healing and spirituality.